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    1. Overview

      iCell Sustainable Nutrition Co., Ltd. is an innovative high-tech company dedicated to the integration of global environmental, biological and nutritional technologies and resources. iCell provides a dual closed-loop solution of water and nutrition for the food industry chain, taking the resource utilization of sludge and nutrient by-products for value-added nutrient production as its core engagement to promote low carbon footprint, resource recycling and sustainable nutrition.

      Accompanied by a core talent team with over 10 years of working experience in relevant industries and an expert team full of unique innovation thinking, iCell constantly creates new technologies. iCell owns a series of globally patented technologies, establishing a mature iCell international patent system which encompasses 50+ core patents covering the world's major economies. Financed by well-known investors IDG, SLC Holdings and Artiman and supported by its strategic investor Gentech Group which has its own advantages in resources integration with more than 20 years of proven operation experience, iCell has launched Single Cell Protein (SCP) production projects worldwide for converting organic wastewater into protein resources.

      With its commercialized operation plants in Zhejiang province and Shandong province and multiple ongoing projects in China, USA and Europe, iCell has not only accumulated abundant project operation experience in nutrient by-products recycling, but also has filled the gap for global short supply of premium proteins and effectively helped its partners reduce carbon emission, improve their environment performance, accelerate the development of environmental protection and achieve the recycling of water and nutrition, thus advancing the sustainable development of human society.

      iCell Aqua

      iCell Solution

      iCell Corporation




      • Mark Rottmann
      • Mark is iCell's CEO in full charge of iCell's business strategy, investment and financing, and global operations, and he also serves as the CEO and Board Chairman of iCell Aqua. He graduated from S. Illinois University and has rich operation experience in global production and processing enterprises. He was previously an executive at Betz Labs and GE Water, and has great experience in the successful operation of many start-ups. During his service as the General Manager of GTA in USA, he has been involved in multiple projects for resource utilization of nutritious by-products. Mark has broad industrial vision and rich customer resources, making great contribution to the expansion of iCell's customer base and SCP product applications.
      • Hosn Song
        VP of Operation
      • Hosn Song is the Vice President of Operation in iCell and the General Manager of iCell China District, in charge of the operation and management of iCell's business in China and also assisting iCell CEO Mark Rottmann in international project development. Since his joining in 2011, Hosn has been involved in iCell's technical R&D and the subsequent business development and capital operation. He has over 15 years' experience in operation and management demonstrated by his lead role or participation in the construction and operation of multiple different project plants. He once served as the department manager in Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group and Shanghai Tsingtao Brewery company responsible for wastewater system operation and environment management, and was involved in the evaluation and management work of multiple projects during that period. Hosn is an engineer graduated from Shanghai University in 2004, holding a Bachelor's degree in business administration and a Master's degree in environmental engineering.
      • Seth Terry
        Senior Scientist
      • Dr. Seth Terry is the co-inventor of iCell technology. He holds a B.S. degree from Princeton University, a M.S and a Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, and a MBA from Regis University. Dr. Terry has special expertise in molecular biology and biochemistry with many years’ experience in microbial screening, optimization and nutritional value enhancement, and he also has profound experience in operation and management of biological treatment systems for organic wastewater treatment.
      • Andrew Logan
        Senior Scientist
      • Dr. Andrew Logan is the co-inventor of iCell technology. He holds a B.S. degree in Biology from James Madison University, and a M.S. and a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering and Engineering Science from Colorado School of Mines. He once worked for several renowned research institutes in USA and Norway and has made numerous achievements in scientific research. Meanwhile, Dr. Logan has rich experience in commercial operation of SCP production as feed protein ingredient through utilization of by-products from food plants.
      • Yang Song
        Director of Capital and Business Development
      • Yang Song is the Director of Global Capital and Business Development in iCell, and the CFO and Director of iCell Aqua. He assists iCell CEO Mark Rottman in international business development, financial management and capital operation. Before joining iCell, Yang had many years of work experience in US Northstar Commercial Partner, Polaris Investment, Ever Beauty, responsible for the operation of the company's project investment, and the investment and management of projects such as Auerbach Opportunity Fund and Amazon data base. He has rich experience in capital operation and project management with a B.S. degree in Financial Management from University of California at Los Angeles and a EMBA from Central European International Business School.
      • Kevin Ge
        Director of Operation and Projects
      • Kevin Ge is the Director of Production Operations and New Project Development at iCell plants, in charge of the operation and management of iCell projects in China and the development and preparation of new iCell projects. He has over 13 years' experience in plant production management, and has conducted multiple improvement and upgrading work for the operation and management of iCell plants since his onboard in iCell. Before joining iCell, Kevin ever served as the Department Manager in Sany, responsible for the development and production of cranes, large machine tools, turbine machinery products; and he also served as the Deputy General Manager of Production in MAIDER MEDICAL, during which the company's output value increased by 100%, and the company successfully launched an IPO on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2019. Kevin holds a B.S. degree from Shanghai University.
      • Inkera Huang
        Director of Products and Nutrition
      • Inkera Huang is the Product Nutrition R&D Director in iCell, in charge of iCell SCP nutrition R&D, ongoing improvement and quality control. She holds a M.S. degree diplomat in Animal Nutrition from Sichuan Agricultural University. Inkera has over 10 years' work experience in the feed industry, mainly engaged in the technical R&D of feed products and product quality evaluation and judgment. She also has rich industry knowledge of the laws and regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture and the registration of products for import and export.
      • Vivid Zhao
        Director of Engineering and Technology
      • Vivid Zhao is the Technical Director in iCell, in charge of the technical support and production process improvement for the operation of iCell plants as well as technical evaluation of new projects. Since his on board in 2014, he has made outstanding performance in environmental microbial screening and culture conditions optimization. He is responsible for the R&D, upgrading and modification of iCell technologies, and has led the patent application and commercialization of multiple iCell patented technologies. He holds a B.S. degree in Environmental Engineering and a M.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Shanghai University.
      • Dr. Yuyu
        Senior Animal Nutrition Expert
      • Former Asia Regional Director, National Renderers Association
      • Dr. Hla Aung
        Senior Veterinarian
      • Gentech Veterinary Director
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